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Hayfever remedies, please!!!!?

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Asked at 2010.01.08 03:53:10
ooooh it is pollen season and I don't like to take artificial remedies but my eyes are stinging, my nose is running and hay fever is upon me yet again. My doctor prescribes anti-histamines but, truthfully, I should prefer not to take these. I've tried homeopathetic remedies - don't work. Do you have any other suggestions or remedies that have worked for you?
Many thanks to all who reply.
answer Hatman  Answered at 2010.01.08 03:53:10
Sounds Crazy BUT

Try coating the inside of your nostrils with a thin layer of vaseline (and remove any visible excess or your friends will laugh otherwise) as this prevents the pollen entering your system through the nasal soft tissue.

It's really cheap and I found that when I used the nasal sprays they gave me breathing difficulties caused wheeziness etc... and left a burning sensation in my nose. Where as the vaseline trick is fab and a great help.

It obvioulsy doesn't help with my itchy eyes, but I use drops for these and the old sunglasses to protect from the wind etc...

Another tip is when you go to Spain get loads of anti-histamines from the Pharmacies there, they are so much cheaper than here in the UK.

Happy sneezing... and Bless You
bondsally Answered at 2021.07.04 08:10:41
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