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Stock Market Analysis: 12/30/16

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The S&P 500 fell more than 5% in premarket trading, triggering a circuit breaker to halt trading. All of the corporations included in the S&P 500 are traded in the two largest US trendy boutique markets - the New York stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. Market interest rates on similar bonds are 7%. Calculate the bond's price. 13) Distinguish between primary stock market transactions and secondary stock market transaction. Microsoft stock on Nasdaq. 12) Describe the major differences between the organized exchanges such as the NYSE and electronic networks such as Nasdaq. Answer: The organized exchanges such as the New York stock Exchange have a physical location and a trading floor where buyers and sellers of securities can meet face to face. They mature in 15 years and have a par value of $1,000. 14) What is the value of a bond that matures in three years, has an annual coupon payment of $110, and a par value of $1,000? Assume a required rate of return of 11%, and round your answer to the nearest $10.

However, it's incented to invest heavily in an operating model that has sustainable high double-digit -- or even triple-digit -- annual sales growth potential. An increasing percentage of NYSE and AMEX trades is, however, executed electronically. 11) In addition to stocks in individual companies, the AMEX conducts trading in such securities as ETFs and options. Generally, those with longer investment horizons need to have a significant and broadly diversified exposure to stocks. You don’t need to be a CA or CPA to analyse a chart. 32) Miller/Hershey's preferred stock is selling at $54 on the market and pays an annual dividend of $4.20 per share. 34) Determine the rate of return on a preferred stock that costs $50 and pays a $6 per share dividend. 10) What is the yield to maturity of a nine-year bond that pays a coupon rate of 20% per year, has a $1,000 par value, and is currently priced at $1,407? Assume annual coupon payments.

8) MI has a $1,000 par value, 30-year bond outstanding that was issued 20 years ago at an annual coupon rate of 10%, paid semiannually. 3) A $1,000 par value 10-year bond with a 10% coupon rate recently sold for $900. Investors are expected to pay $918 for the 10-year bond. Investors will not take on greater risks without the possibility of higher earnings. Common shareholders take the risk that they will not receive dividends. Dividends are like rewards that companies pay for holding a stock. Guy Adami on Fast Money thinks you can buy at $22 while John Najarian thinks WFC stock will break through $22 like a hot knife through butter. 11x the amount of money. 28) The cumulative dividend feature is necessary to protect the rights of preferred stockholders. 26) In the event of bankruptcy, preferred stockholders and common stockholders have the same claim on the firm's assets. But after this, we are all going to have to worry.

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