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Iron and steel industry of cleaner production - processing of waste plastics by Coking Process technology [rec

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:25:25
Iron and steel industry of cleaner production - processing of waste plastics by Coking Process technology [recommend]
answer joy Green  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:25:25
Iron and steel industry of cleaner production - processing of waste plastics by Coking Process Technology [recommend] a, b belongs to the steel industry, the technical name of waste plastics by Coking Process Technology III, technical types of environmental, resource comprehensive utilization technology of four, the scope of iron and steel coking Factory Five, the technical content 1, principle use of the existing mature technology and equipment, coking mass treatment of waste plastics, the waste plastic at high temperature, closed and restore the atmosphere into coke, tar and gas, so that hazardous waste plastics elemental chlorine to ammonium chloride salts soluble ammonia in the way of access to coke, do not produce highly toxic dioxins (Dioxins) and corrosive gases, does not produce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust and other conventional combustion pollutants, the full realization of waste plastic large-scale sound processing and resource utilization. 2, the process six major equipment mainly equipped with the technology: waste plastic garbage dedicated feeder, waste plastic trash special belt conveyors, special vibrating screen, magnetic separator, waste plastic garbage scattered dedicated machines, waste plastic garbage special shredder, waste plastic garbage crusher specific, quantitative mixing equipment, special hot melt machine, special hot melt material molding machines. Seven, the main technical and economic indicators Shougang Technology and developed technology compared to Japan's Nippon Steel has the following characteristics: Shougang process omitted the Japanese process of fine crushing process and the dechlorination process, the waste plastic materials that require low, it can be any type of mixed waste plastic, broken only simple processing, plus 2% of the waste with plastic garbage after the coke strength after reaction can be increased 3% -8%, and may increase coke production. August, application of coking technology Process technology is the innovative technology of waste plastics, iron and steel enterprises in foreign countries, only Japan's Nippon Steel has successfully developed and applied, Nippon Steel process of adding the amount of plastic waste control within 1% generally, the use of manual sorting, multi-stage crushing, dechlorination, extrusion molding and granulation of waste plastics and other complex pretreatment process, investment is large, compared to China's national conditions more suitable for Shougang, has a comprehensive benefits. Nine, using the unit of Shougang Technology has completed the technical development of laboratory research projects, pilot scale studies, pilot scale and industrial scale pilot study and the establishment of the annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of small-scale demonstration projects. Through previous research and technology development, Shougang has been able to provide a full set of technical parameters independent and major equipment indicators. Has been developed with independent intellectual property rights in China, "Disposal of Waste Plastics by Coking Process" patent technology, and technological achievements through the identification of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Ten, the proposal to promote waste plastics technology can be used as raw materials and blast furnace coke raw materials, and instead of part of high-quality coking coal and blast furnace pulverized coal, coal gasification process of waste plastics processing technologies are applied to coking production and use of the production process of high temperature , and can be large-scale treatment of municipal solid waste, reflecting the concept of circular economy, but also show that the steel industry to develop better services for the city. China's annual production of about 500-600 million tons of waste plastics, and many have yet to get a reasonable waste plastic disposal, the market potential of about 125-150 billion. If you apply this technology to treatment and disposal of plastic waste and resource utilization, you can reduce landfill 4500-5400 square meters of land, saving 500-600 million tons of coking coal, while reducing therefore the environmental pollution problems. Therefore, the promotion of the technology has very broad market prospects, bringing considerable environmental benefits and a certain social economic benefits. This technology needs to continue to improve, in the application process, the local government should take full account of resource use and waste disposal policies, need to ensure that the source and quality of waste plastics is relatively stable, and should first have a coke dry quenching technology used.
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