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"Iron and Steel Industry Report": medium-sized steel enterprises profits surge (MCC search)

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Evan smith 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:17:01
"Iron and Steel Industry Report": medium-sized steel enterprises profits surge (MCC search)
answer Abe Douglas  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:17:01
"Iron and Steel Industry Report": medium-sized steel enterprises profits surge (MCC search) metallurgical industry in the first quarter increased by 2.8 times profit, up 4.2 times and medium-sized steel enterprises yesterday, National Development and Reform Bureau of Economic Operations in the new release of "iron and steel industry, the economic situation analysis of the first quarter," stated that "the major industrial sectors, the highest rate of profit growth metallurgical industry, reaching 2.8 times to 3.6 times the steel industry, the focus is medium-sized steel enterprises has reached 4.2 times. reduce losses also came in the first two of the industry. "steel price index increased 6.2% year on year," the first quarter of this year, the domestic steel industry can quickly release, the growth of steel changed the rate of increase over the previous year downward trend, a steady rise in steel prices over the same period , to maintain a high level of steel production and sales rates, exports of steel products continue to maintain high growth, greatly improved efficiency of the sector. "relevant person in charge of National Development and Reform Commission, this year the national economy maintained rapid growth momentum in the first quarter GDP growth 11.1%, 0.7 percentage points year on year growth. All the major steel industry to maintain a high growth rate, growth rate of steel production is the main driving force. International market demand to stimulate domestic production capacity is an important factor in the release. Reflect the CRU International steel prices index reached 160.7 points 3 end, an increase of 22.5 points, up by 16.3% over the same period domestic steel price index rose 6.2%. Analysis of the State Development and Reform Commission report that the international steel price index higher than the domestic, but also reflects the international market demand for steel is more strong. The international market to digest most of the domestic demand additional resources, and effectively safeguard the domestic steel market price stability. The rise in steel prices is the industry's most profitable growth. Third quarter steel exports or dropped Development and Reform Commission reported that the steel industry from the current run of view, the whole performed well, the basic balance between production and sales, benefit greatly. But this balance is to build energy-intensive, polluting the environment basis. Iron and steel industry energy consumption currently accounts for 15% of the country, the country's total emissions by 14%. Large net exports of steel manner contrary to the development of national industrial development policy is not conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction tasks and steel industry, industrial restructuring. Currently, the domestic market caused by the large number of export environment is relatively relaxed, but also to provide backward production capacity to survive. The report notes that since the state has increased this year, steel products export policy adjustment, removal or reduction of some steel export tax rebate, but the policy will take some time to bear fruit, the policy will continue to curb the excessive growth of steel exports. Essence Securities analyst Zhao Zhicheng Institute pointed out that the intensive control measures the cumulative effect of quite a lot, will the export of steel products in the future have a significant impact. Estimated in the third quarter, China's steel exports will be a significant slowdown, which is obviously not conducive to domestic steel price trend, it will also affect the profitability of domestic steel companies. Key words: powder metallurgy Metallurgical Industry of China Metallurgical Equipment Metallurgical Metallurgical Machinery Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgy network metallurgical analysis of metallurgical industry, metallurgy, hydrometallurgy security Metallurgy Metallurgy Metallurgy Metallurgy, Mineral mining and metallurgical enterprises of metallurgical metallurgical metallurgical standard energy
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