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How to make China powerful China Iron and Steel go? (MCC search)

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Tommy Fan 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:10:57
How to make China powerful China Iron and Steel go? (MCC search)
answer Abe Douglas  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:10:57
How to make China powerful China Iron and Steel go? (MCC search) in April, warm spring, the Chinese steel industry is feeling the "turns warm again." Beginning April 15, 159 tariff lines of steel will be reduced or eliminated export tax rebates, "rely on foreigners to eat" half of the export pricing of iron and steel enterprises will face a severe test. China's steel industry from the "big" to "strong" strategic journey has been less smooth, but in front of all the difficulties seem to indicate steel power trip had to stand in the throes. Presentation - investment in the production of fever, a false fire of domestic economic development of China Metallurgical Industry Research Center report shows that between 2001 and 2005, investment in China's steel industry has entered a period of rapid growth, annual growth rate of more than 30% were, at the peak growth rate even exceeded 100%. "Fifth" period steel investment than "during the" increased by 2.3 times. Crazy investment brings crude steel production soared. In 2003, China's steel production exceeded 200 million tons, from China is not only the world's largest crude steel producer, also became the world's only annual output of more than 200 million tons of steel country. China 2006 crude steel output of nearly 420 million tons, an increase of 10 years, 313.8%, yield more than the global 1 / 3. "Make iron and steel," the enthusiasm spread across the country, around the iron and steel industry, a "virtual fire." China's iron and steel enterprises access threshold is not high, pull the quick local economy, coupled with expansion of market demand for steel products, stimulating a lot of money into the steel industry. A large number of low-level redundant construction, exacerbated internal tensions Meidianyouyun, but also caused a disorderly competition in the domestic steel market and price shocks. Is even more distraught, compared to international competitors, China's steel industry has been marked "low quality, fewer species and poor efficiency" label. Suffering - take the old path of extensive management, the frequent occurrence of extensive trade friction that the Chinese head of business strategy "steel producing country," the halo, also suffering from the "three high and two low" chronic troubles. "Three high and two low" means high energy consumption, high pollution, high dependence on foreign, and the concentration is low, low added value. Consumption of iron and steel industry are mainly non-renewable energy and resources, and energy-consuming large quantities. China Iron and Steel Association statistics show that companies with international advanced level than, major Chinese steel companies to be higher than the comparable energy consumption per ton of 15%. China's iron and steel enterprises in the long wood-based, low value-added products, the foreign dependency is very high. Not only some of the advanced technology and equipment, and high-tech steel to rely on imports more than half need to rely on imports of iron ore. Minister of the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Wu Xichun consultant had said publicly that "China's steel industry is still taking extensive management road, half of the steel mills in by foreigners for dinner." April 7, China Iron and Steel Industry Association chief economist , Shih-Chun Lee, Deputy Secretary-General, China Iron and Steel in the development of the second session of the summit revealed that full-year 2006, China exported 43.007 million tons of steel, an increase of 109.58%. As the world's major exporter of steel products and the major center of iron and steel production and sales growth, the Chinese steel market will be increasingly affected by outside influence. With the increase in exports, China is also facing an increasing number of trade friction. The end of 2006, 11 countries have been China's steel industry has taken on the 27 anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigations. Early April, the United States Steel Association, the Ministry of Commerce of China to the countervailing steel ruling Lange Iron and Steel Research Center, Beijing Xu Xiangchun, chief information officer, said, "Once the United States to impose countervailing duties on China steel, China steel in the United States on the basic loss of price competition force, then lost the U.S. market. "Breakthrough - macro-control force, and all mixed face of increasingly grim situation, the Chinese steel industry must give up the short-sighted profit-driven behavior of breakthrough pain. First, the national macro-control force, and to energy saving, technological upgrading, structural adjustment and increased industrial concentration of iron and steel industry, vision - "Steel Industry Development Policy" in 2005 had been formally introduced. The recent introduction of export tax rebate policy is also in order to strengthen the same goal. Industry experts said that in 2006 investment in the steel industry turning point for the first time with the national macro-control has a direct relationship between a policy that "lag effect" gradually show results. At the same time, domestic large steel companies break through more rapid pace. Anshan Steel and Benxi Steel's joint reorganization opened the iron and steel industry increased concentration in the prelude to the assets of Baosteel and Bayi Iron & Steel Chinese steel industry restructuring is the longest span in the country once industry consolidation behavior. Enhance the technological content and value-added products is the breakthrough in the other direction. Baosteel to promote export-oriented high-end products and improve the proportion of exports of high value-added products, car plates, appliances plate, ship plate, and other high-end OCTG products in 2006 exported nearly 100 million tons, an increase of 46%. "But not very good implementation of policies in place, eliminate backward production capacity rather slow progress of work." According to Xu Xiangchun introduced in the macro-control and more energy consumption, pollution and other aspects of restrictive policies, but few mentioned that banned high-energy high Iron contamination after a small local areas such as financial compensation and employment policies, so "magic" to most of the local face on the "do not loose not tight," the danger. "The local low-level redundant construction projects are still launched the expansion, which could eventually lead to the effect of macro-control is weakened." Keywords: powder metallurgy metallurgy metallurgy metallurgy equipment net China Metallurgical Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Technology Metallurgy Machinery Metallurgy Industry Wet Chemical Analysis Safety-metallurgical metallurgical metallurgical and mining metallurgy Metallurgy, Mineral Energy metallurgical metallurgical metallurgical metallurgical standards
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