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Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line analysis

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:03:12
Cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line analysis
answer Adah George  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:03:12
Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line of steel rolling mill equipment Equipment Co., Ltd. of Gongyi City dragon rolled ribbed steel bar production line, models can be divided into three :5-7 .5-9.5-11 type, the entire production line include: rust, rolling, drawing plate, eliminating stress, back wheel, to close lines, straight, cut the reprovision of the welder, can be composed of rolling off the production line and straight lines, producing ribbed steel specifications of different configurations different from the price difference. Can be customized according to the actual requirements, buy "Dragon" brand cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line have to shop around the same time, serious study comparing quality than than the reputation, than the price. Order cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line need to pay 30% deposit, the factory send technical personnel to assist in foundation, delivery time to the factory inspection, pay the balance of technical staff responsible for the machine free installation, the package will package. Three bags of products will be implemented. You can follow the above-mentioned materials in the Xinhua Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. to buy rest assured cold rolled ribbed bar production line machines. Cold rolled ribbed steel bar ribbed bar equipment complete set of equipment is mainly used for a variety of cold rolled ribbed steel bars of the set of equipment including line planes, phosphorus and mill to eliminate the hard power, traction machine, Take- machine, guide wheel frame and the welding machine, and according to the needs of different users, with different types of equipment, equipment design of the set of scientific, reasonable structure, easy to install, no vibration during operation, do not swing, continuous line, not to hurt the ribs, simple, easy to use products that have rolled high strength, ductility and good mechanical properties, the technical indicators shall be in full compliance with its mechanical properties and process performance, is an ideal and efficient cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line. Liang Lei rolled steel production line of high-frequency power distribution through a reasonable, simple and precise temperature control technology and automatic control technology, flexible adjustment of steel strength, ductility, toughness and other indicators, and to yield significant reinforcement, The yield strength value of up to 500Mpa above, plasticity may also be increased from 10% to 18%, and reinforced by the subsequent heat treatment equipment, not only the indicators to be introduced in full compliance with the national standard GB13788-2008 (higher than hot-rolled grade steel standard), but also in its very thin surface layer of blue oxide layer, the appearance of bright and beautiful. According to industry experts, each increase of steel strength level of 100MPa, can save 10% to 20% of steel. Tel :0371 -6,415,931,313,592,699,515
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