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Will flagyl cause yeast infections?  

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Betty White 
Asked at 2011.05.15 23:41:51

answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.05.15 23:41:51
On One Hand: Your Body is Off BalanceFlagyl, like other antibiotics, is used to kill off bad bacteria. The body contains many different types of microorganisms that keep each other in balance, and often a dose of antibiotics used to treat an infection will kill off one type of microorganism only to have another take over. At times this will result in a yeast infection. The manufacturer of Flagyl reports that in studies of patients taking the drug, only 15 percent experienced "vaginal irritation or infection" while 2 to 5 percent reported actual yeast infections.On the Other: Yeast Infections are PreventableIf you are on a dose of antibitoics such as Flagyl, it is possible to prevent the threat of a yeast infection. Prevention involves taking showers instead of baths, regular hand washing, cleaning up after sexual activity, and avoiding douching. Some women do experience chronic yeast infections which may indicate some other disorder. In such cases you should consult a physician.Bottom LineWhile drug manufacturers do extensive studies on the effects of the drugs they sell, it is impossible to guarantee that you will not get a yeast infection from taking Flagyl, although the manufacturer of Flagyl cites only up to a 5 percent chance. Focusing on prevention, however, especially when you are on antibiotic therapy, greatly reduces your risks of a yeast infection
ashimagupta02 Answered at 2021.04.17 04:35:15
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