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What do you like better Pizza or Chinese Food?   3 Susie Q 04.17 / ashimagupta02
What difference between nut and bean?   5 adeline 04.17 / ashimagupta02
What's the difference between Japanese mayo & American mayo? 3 Lily. 2016.04 / xiaojun
Star this question if you love salt n vinegar chips/crisps =D? 1 Salt n Vinegar Girl 2011.03 / Control
Poll: Hot & Spicey or Sweet & Sour? 1 sadtohappycat 2011.03 / Toni Angel
What is your speciality? 1 wellys xmas nibbles 2011.03 / Steve Uk
What ehthnic cusine that u would love to try that u haven't had a chance to try .. 1 Scooter_loves_his_dad 2011.03 / Professor X
What foods from Spain derive from Arabic, Jewish and Berber culture? 1 Kevin7 2011.03 / clontarf1002
How do i get my Snickers bar back from a goat? 1 Skwerl 2011.03 / Banjo and Sullivan
What Is the Cusine of the Middle East Like? 1 Justin Mark -Nurnberg Bavaria- 2011.03 / *Bitchhh
Who all could eat a basket full of fried shrimp and fish at the moment? 1 williew 2011.03 / MJSweetz
Do Maharashtrian people eat that much of chilli and spicy food everyday? 1 芒鈩⒙獳脩鈥⒚惵矫幝姑戔⒚惵矫⑩灺⒚⑩劉芦 脩鈥毭惵矫戔 芒藛 2011.03 / 芒鈥撀惷⑩撀篠upreme 芒鈥撯 脿陇赂脿陇拧脿陇驴脿陇篓
How to make crispy chinese vegetable? 1 banzi 2011.03 / Robert
Is sheep's lungs essential to making haggis? 1 Olga 2011.03 / Bert Schmecky Schmunneh
Which is the freshest of the ocean fishes? 1 Dartmouth 2011.03 / Daniel Mott
Do you have a friend who obviously doesn't know what a meatball is? 1 Spicey Meatball 2011.03 / emon 2
What vegetable do you dislike? 1 James K 2011.03 / Kiwi is my bird-o
What is the most exotic or wierd foods you have ever tried? 1 Zappa Fan 2011.03 / Liuzhou Laowai
I'm hosting a Super Bowl party today for a group of my closest atheist friends. .. 1 Olga 2011.03 / Occulty脗庐
What's your favorite Greek dish ? 1 *SUGAR* is Mikey's Wife 2011.03 / mi脦潞脦碌y i脧鈥 *SUGAR*`脧鈥 hu脦虏脦虏y
Have you tasted 'Haggis' and did you like it? 1 skycat 2011.03 / my name is Florence :)
Is it legal to pull around an ice chest full of tamales for sale to whoever want.. 1 nodumgys 2011.03 / Jimmy Jazz
For the sake of my odious co-workers, will some expert please give an accurate n.. 1 Bert Schmecky Schmunneh 2011.03 / Schmunny Nunny Bunny芒鈥灺
What is the most popular food in the world? 1 skycat 2011.03 / shine
What type of pizza do you like? 1 skycat 2011.03 / Quizard
What is your favorite seasoning, that you can't live without? 1 Sweet Grandma 2011.03 / Young and Innocent
When are they going to start calling fortune cookies, "generic aphorism coo.. 1 mauvais 脙漏cureuil 2011.03 / Cab Calloway
Why some people eat boiled egg which is cooled in fridge (thanda ubla anda )...... 1 banzi 2011.03 / Jackal
What are some American candies that are popular in the UK? 1 Dances With Woofs! 2011.03 / avinabacca
Should we avoid sushi for a couple of months, since we don't know WHAT is going .. 1 Occulty脗庐 2011.03 / Corvato
Which do you consider queen of spices .......? 1 banzi 2011.03 / Veers 脿庐陇芒鈧
Pizza or Chinese Food, your choice and why? 1 skycat 2011.03 / CTRL Freak
What is your favourite food..? 1 Desi Girl 2011.03 / NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS
Is there anything better than chowing down on authentic Mexican cuisine with you.. 1 THE NOLTE 2011.03 / I coldcocked my husband
Have you ever had Buk's Beans? Are they good? Where can I buy them? 1 谩茠娄Dr.Muffin KungFuMastaaa芒鈥灺 2011.03 / Mag (Benison)
If you like chips and salsa, what are the best chips and what is the best salsa .. 1 Zappa Fan 2011.03 / Dianne G
What is one food that makes you say "yuck"? 1 skycat 2011.03 / Quizard
Does anyone happen to have a recipe for disaster.? 1 EJ .. It`s always me! xxx 2011.03 / MomToDavid
Besides Pizza what are some delicious Italian dishes? 1 Just another pretty face 2011.03 / paisan_7
Stuck in traffic this A.M. & noticed an odd sign: Haggis now available in Ve.. 1 Toke Lover - CANTHEIST 2011.03 / This is my avatar 3
Can you eat using Chopsticks? 1 froglady 2011.03 / White Bird
Do you like INDIAN FOOD or not? 1 WOW 2011.03 / Komal
What's the difference between spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce? 1 cool breeze 2011.03 / Angelo G
Is the food from chinese restaraunts from china? 1 MACK 2011.03 / thunder2sys
What kind of international food do u like best?? 1 Raul/Co-founder BOT INC芒鈥斅徝惵矫戔 2011.03 / Soldier's Girl
What are your favorite types of sushi? 1 The Good Doctor 2011.03 / G*G*
Do leaves remind you of cornflakes? 1 Summer <3 God,Bball,art(; 2011.03 / Renee D
I made chili tonight and it is WAY too spicy. What can I add to cut the spicine.. 1 Dunder Mifflin 2011.03 / teamsoulglo
Whats your fav type of takeaway? 1 Dan 2011.03 / Susan J
Black bean Brazilian recipe? 1 Sara 2011.03 / Moon :)
What flour can I use in place of Yucca flour? 1 Niente 2011.03 / luzville
What's your favorite thing to have with pie? 1 MamiZ-Notorious Faithful Freak 2011.03 / Ronatnyu
For Mexican women HELP? 1 Me 2011.03 / Butterfly
What is your Favorite Mexican Food and Why? 1 Katie 2011.03 / luke m
Is pizza good for a fun cooking activitie??? for kids and teen? 1 skyblue_splash 2011.03 / Katherine N
What was the weirdest food that you've ever eaten? 1 zpoetress 2011.03 / doug k
Do you like home cooked food or restaurant food? 1 Sal SR 2011.03 / Simplicity
What are 10 different garnishes? 1 think_is_hard 2011.03 / Kuchiki Rukia
What do japanese NOT eat ? 1 Fabian 2011.03 / Stillwaters
What are your favorite ethnic food appetizers at a restaurant? 1 I heart beets 2011.03 / Helpfulhannah
Are we really eating cat when we order chinese food?? 1 tiffany j 2011.03 / Will
Do other countries refer to our food as 'ameican/canadian food? 1 as脨陆.脡鈥漚脡麓'脩鈥歴t脩鲁p. 脧鈥皁脡麓't脩鈥⒚ 2011.03 / BeeDalton
I have tried all the big stores but why is there no Daddies sauce to be seen on .. 1 JIM G 2011.03 / c g
Hands up who loves doner keebas? 1 Hot Momma 2010.01 / vic
Any chinese here think U.S. going to far blaming the chinese at everything this .. 1 Richard 2010.01 / mudpuppie_80
What to eat with Mexican hot chocolate? 1 Hot Velma 2010.01 / Eduardo
Did you know everytime you eat a Cinnamon bun somebody gets their account delet.. 1 tyler durden 2010.01 / Cinnibuns
HELP Mexican luncheon tommorow at work ? what can i bring? 1 fuzzysox74 2010.01 / Mizz SJG
I want to try Indian food, do you have any good recommendations of what I should.. 1 kteejet1 2010.01 / Pam
Anyone heard of Paulov rice? Its an Indian dish and is yummy.? 1 calum65 2010.01 / Lara R
For those who are Italian (heritage) what is the traditional? 1 i hate racist of any race peri 2010.01 / Blue hills Granny
Are all Pizzas Chinese originally? 1 Bert B 2010.01 / Aileen HK
Best national/ethnic cuisine? 1 nevermind 2010.01 / ignorant fool
What do you want out of an ethnic restaurant? 1 Rahmansyah Taufik 2010.01 / KevForTomorrow
How can an Italian lives abroad without the real italian cooking? 1 ila 2010.01 / Molly te la molla
Have any tex-mex restaurants ever won a michelin star? 1 K S 2010.01 / That Carnal Knob
Intl Cheese Platter ideas? 1 House MD 2010.01 / Sherap Norbu
How much is the average salary for a sushi chef? 1 David 2010.01 / luke m
Since Americans throw rice at weddings, do Asians throw hamburgers? 1 Makaveli 2010.01 / willow oak
Do you like Mexican food? 1 Amelia H 2010.01 / Victor C

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