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  Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

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Just Be 
Asked at 2011.02.09 22:42:20
What are the sensations & symptoms that occur when one has their third eye opening?
Have you experienced it yourself or is your understanding theoretical?
Thanks for answering!
answer WillRogerswannabe  Answered at 2011.02.09 22:42:20
When ones vision is impaired, one visits the optometrist and is issued new glasses to correct ones optical issues. Through various procedures ones original vision may possibly be restored.

There is indeed a location within each human being known as the "Kursi", where an optometrist may be visited. The "Eye of Wisdom" if prescribed by the optometrist, will give a human being the clarity to observe things never before observed.

The symptoms of having visited this internal optometrist will be a clarity of 'purpose and duty' within ones life.
It can be compared to a dense fog lifting, allowing the sun (son) to be once again observed. The darkness is then dispelled within ones inner heart.

Ones original vision will then have been re-established.

*footnote - The inner heart must be cleansed before one is allowed to visit the inner optometrist.

Meechum Anbu (Much Love),
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