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  how to draw a face?

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Asked at 2010.11.25 03:50:06
how to draw a face?how to draw a face?
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How to Draw A Face

Drawing a face needs an idea about the proportions and positions of the eyes, mouth and nose. Therefore, while learning how to draw a face step by step, it is crucial to apply your imagination on the exact positions of the facial parts.

Here are some easy tips on how to draw a face step by step
•As the common shape of human face is oval, your first step towards drawing a face is to draw an oval shape. Draw one horizontal and one vertical line passing through the centre of the oval shape, intersecting each other at 90degree. These lines will help you to draw the parts of the face in exact positions. However, make sure that you draw these lines with light stokes of pencil so that they won’t leave any mark after erasing them. The horizontal line indicates the position of the eyes and the vertical line, of the nose. Draw a small line in between the eye-line and the bottom of the vertical line to mark the bottom of the nose. Again, mark the middle of the nose line and chin line to mark the position of the chin. Draw the hair line in the middle of the eye line and the upper end of the oval shape. If the frame of the face is drawn properly, you are half way through how to draw a face step by step.•Now, it is time to draw the details of the face. Keep your hand loose and draw the eyes, nose and the mouth with light but broad strokes. Draw the eyes on the eye line on the both side of the vertical line. First of all, draw the basic shapes of the eyes, and then the eyebrows. Then carefully draw the nose on the vertical line keeping in mind the line that you have earlier drawn as the bottom of the nose. The other small horizontal line under the nose line is for the mouth. Try to draw the lips with equal proportion on both sides. It is the not necessary that the lips and the eyes should be symmetrical on both sides; slightly asymmetric face will also do, but erase the problem part carefully if it is too asymmetric. Draw the hair with light strokes and make the hair style. Erase the extra lines of the frames from the face. These are the basic portions of how to draw a face step by step.
•Now that you are done with the basic structure of the face, you need a darker pencil to add more details to the nose, eyes and the mouth. Draw the minute features such as eyelashes, pupils of the eyes, detail of the nostrils and its both sides, the lips, etc. Still, you need to be careful while using darker pencil until you have perfectly drawn the face. Refine the shadows with tight strokes of the pencil. Draw the hair with fine and close stokes from the defined hairline. Keep on working and reworking on the problems till they are properly drawn. Initially, you may find it difficult to sketch the face with exact proportion. But gradually, after you become an expert and know the basics of how to draw a face step by step, you will be able to draw a perfect and symmetric face.

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samueltownley Answered at 2013.11.14 00:01:40
All people can't draw a picture. All painters can't draw a face. To draw a face you have to place that face in your heart. Even though the face is in front of you you can't draw it as it is if the face is not in your mind. At first you can draw it lightly with a pencil. After completion of the picture you can darken it.
younghelen Answered at 2013.11.20 22:06:33
Pencil drawing will be better to draw a face. The famous painters only can paint a face using oil paints etc. There must be the a good planning before you draw. Without bold lines using the thin lines you can complete a face. The wrinkles, the smile all must be done using these lines.
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