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Why is it that.........?

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Asked at 2010.10.29 00:48:01
For so long white people wanted to be completely seperated from black people, white people wanted their own bathrooms, resturants you know the whole segregation thing. But once black people started to create their own outlets and resources for themsleves, i.e NAACP, BET, Black Caucus, Black colleges and universities (H.B.C's), and things of that nature, white people have something to say, like 'why do black people have their own tv stations or scholorship programs", you know all the things that white people say that we have. Now with that being said, why are you really and truely so angry? For so long you didnt want to be apart of anything that black people wanted or had to do, so now that we have our own, you are complaining about that, when we give you what you want, and do things seperately you dont like it, but then when we try and be apart of your world fairly you dont want that either. So my question is...What do you really want?
answer SloMotion Like Snail  Answered at 2010.10.29 00:48:01
So is ur question why is it that they wanted segregation, or what white people want now?

Two very different things.

The way America was established and grew is very disgusting. White people literally killed the weakest "less valuable" black people. They segregated themselves being they had such a high standard of themselves.

Now that things are different (and you best believe they are!) you will find white people who really care about the black community (or all communities) I am one of those people. You can also find people who are as racist as ever, but those people are plain ignorant.
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