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High profile/paying jobs vs low profile/paying jobs?

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Celtic Latino 
Asked at 2010.10.26 23:36:51
Why do people often treat corporate executives, lawyers, businessmen (and women), surgeons, doctors and the housewives/mothers of upper middle-class/wealthy men with such respect

but yet treat people who work as cashiers, in customer service jobs, janitors, gas station workers, mechanics and those who work more manual jobs in the hospital (patient transport) and in hotels as if they are lesser human beings?

I noticed more often than not people who've worked hard their whole life have so much more wisdom than people who've been silver spooned but yet these silver spooned types (not couning people who've WORKED for their high ranks in life) are smiled upon and treated with so much dignity and respect.

Why do people look down on some professions and smile upon others, in other words? We all have a lot to fill in life and our own life stories and no one is better or higher than someone else.
answer crystal spring  Answered at 2010.10.26 23:36:51
i think the cashiers, janitors, gas station people work a lot harder than corporate people, for less pay. its like nurses work harder than some doctors. especially peditricians, the nurse seems to do everything. people are always putting people in categories, and treating them differently because they don't understand that person's struggle. if people switched shoes with others they would realize, making people feel small, means you can and will fall, within time.
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