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A question about labels: what do you think about this thought?

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Asked at 2010.10.26 19:56:57
The other night I was talking to a very intelligent (American) man about the dynamics in this GWS category in Yahoo. I was saying I honestly couldn't understand the hate towards feminism, as I see it as so necessary in so many countries from which I have first hand experience.

He told me, the problem is the label, he thought it was time to change the name. As an example he said, that it had been very intelligent to give the name of "Civil Rights" instead of for example, "Afroamericanism", as this last label could have created misinformation and negativity.

What is in a name? What is in a label? Do you think it is time to change the name of "feminism"? If so which name could we give to it? Perhaps just "Human Rights"? Although feminism is already part of Human Rights. So many questions arise from this thought
answer teeleecee  Answered at 2010.10.26 19:56:57
As usual, you raise important points, but to me, the most important is the second to last sentence--"Although feminism is already part of Human Rights." That being the case, what is the purpose of feminism as a separate field at all? The issue people have with feminism may not be the label so much as the perception of supremacy it gives, meaning that if it's already part of human rights agendas, why is it necessary? (And I'm referring only to the industrialized, first world). Feminism is, indeed, a money-making machine at this point, and I often wonder when a movement designed to help certain populations has run its course; in other words, why is feminism still so important to some when its primary goals have been reached and surpassed? Changing the name will do nothing because people are smart enough to see through that kind of rhetoric. The term has been contaminated by radicals, and it is now less likely to be embraced because nobody knows its purpose--indeed, nobody knows what the word itself means anymore. I believe having it as part of human rights is the place it belongs because when it involves people instead of only one side of humanity, people are far more likely to pay attention and embrace a movement.
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