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Who invented time as we know it?

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Asked at 2010.10.19 21:50:37
Here i am sat at work with one of my co workers and we were wondering, Who invented time? not time zones but time itself. help. who did decide that 60 seconds is 1 minute and who decided that 60 mins is 1 hour and who decided 24 hours is one day i think you get the picture now.
answer BobSpain  Answered at 2010.10.19 21:50:37
Hi Scott,

the first 'time period' to be established was entirely unaided by man. That, of course was the day, which went from light to dark with the rising of the sun. Second, of course, was the night.

As one of your other 'answerers' has pointed out, the Babylonians and Egyptians were among the first to break down the day into workable (and measurable) smaller units.

Other time measures, such as months were, again, entirely natural and were measured by the phasing of the moon (from which we get the word 'month'.

Modern hours, minutes, seconds etc. began when man was able to manufacture reliable counting equipment as an improvement on the primitive 'candle clocks' and 'water clocks' that had been developed by the Egyptians. Astronomy (and Astrology) gave us the 'year' and the modern names for the months. etc.

It is known, however, that many ancient civilisations, including the Mayans and their 52 year cycles of time, were adept at predicting astronomical events with tremendous accuracy.

Hope that helps,

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