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Can anyone help me with how to calculate a shannon weiner index using excel?

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Max W 
Asked at 2010.09.25 02:39:06

Need urgent help, i've got a report due in just over two hours and i'm absoloutely stuck on how to do it, any assistance would be awesome! Please make it detailed as possible, I'm not sure which equations to use to make excel do what I want!


answer Nahee_Enterprises  Answered at 2010.09.25 02:39:06
The Shannon Index is a measurement used to compare diversity between habitat samples. This comparison can be between two different habitats or a comparison of one habitat over time. The actual formula for the Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index is:

(H'=-S p-I*log-e*p-I)


e-Spi * ln pi

Where e is a constant approximately equal to 2.71

pi is the proportion of species "i"

ln pi is the natural log

The proportion of each species is determined by dividing the number of individuals of that species by the total number of all individuals of all species in the sample.

Other Shannon measurements include “S” which is the number of species present in the sample, and E which is the evenness of those species. If the E value is 1, the species are equally present in the habitat. The formula to find E is: E = H/ln(S).
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