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How do I GROUND copper wire that is taped to a metal container to block EMF frequencies?

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Asked at 2010.09.25 02:37:03
The question is: How do I GROUND it, without plugging it into the wall? What other options are there, to do this?

The container is either going to be thick aluminum foil (for better fit) or aluminum sheeting, the kind that is used for window screens, (for better air ventilation, which is probable best). I have in mind a small tight or semi tight fitting galvanized metal bucket (though) and this is what I plan on taping (now soldering) copper wire to, to ground it. This bucket is going to be placed over my head to block low frequencies radio waves, but obviously it wont be completely enclosed for air ventilation. I have plastic, not metal, sink piping. Can I instead attach the copper wire with a metal clip to the metal cold water on/off knobs under my sink instead? Any other suggestions? Thank you!

What are possible dangers of this grounding, to any situation?
And thanks for answering!
answer Ũniνέгsäl Рà Answered at 2010.09.25 02:37:03
Electricians can't help you here... this is serious business.

First, don't use the aluminum sheeting, it is too permeable and all frequencies still penetrate it. In fact, it sometimes draws signals to it as a conductor and you would become a transmitter relay station.

Now... get yourself a hockey helmet, make sure it's comfortable. Then wrap it in metal lined wall insultation. That'll do the trick.

Run a thin stereo speaker wire from the helmet to the sole of your shoe, that way it's more ergonomic. It'll ground you much like the tires ground your car.

Then, I recommend you post some photos of the outfit to the internet, to make sure you share this important information with others, and me... be sure to email a photo to me.
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