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Is it wrong to want to be a stay at home mom?

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Asked at 2010.08.31 00:25:47
Ive decided that when I have children I would like to be a stay at home mom. But everyone I've told this too turns on me like "thats because you want to be lazy" or "you don't want to do anything with your life" and such.
Is being a stay at home mom really that bad of a thing to want? I thought the womens movement was about giving us a choice, not taking that choice away!
answer SpankyMcLaaLaa  Answered at 2010.08.31 00:25:47
Being a stay at home mom is harder than ANY job. You get breaks at a normal job, or your boss gets in trouble. When you have a baby, that baby is the boss, and he/she doesn't give a hell if you get a break or not.

Your a driver, a teacher, a maid, a cook, a therapist, a nurse, and millions of other things all balled up in this one body that by the way may not get a shower today!

Anyone who tells you that you can be lazy as a SAHM has never ever taken care of a baby full time. I EVNY my husband getting to go to work everyday!
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