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Stay at home moms have you...?

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I'm bored 
Asked at 2010.08.31 00:20:42
Now that you are home more have you noticed some funny or odd things about your neighbors or just your surroundings?
I really think my one neighbour might be a vampire because he only comes out at night. And maybe it happens all the time and I was just to unaware to notice. But I've seen it raining in my front yard but not in my back yard or vise versa on more then one occasion. Just thought it'd be fun to hear some weird story's... care to share?
answer Alia's Mom  Answered at 2010.08.31 00:20:42
Haha. I have turned into the nosiest person ever since being a stay at home mom. We also just recently moved to the neighborhood, so Ive taken extra interest in the neighbors. The guy across the street, who is probably 15+ years my senior, I had a secret crush on, (that I'd NEVER act upon) then he introduced himself the other day as we all were outside. Turns out he's pretty fugly up close. Another guy across the street, an older gentleman, insists on wearing his coat in the 90 degree weather that we've been having, including when he mows the lawn. Weird. And the lady next door, my fiance and I were convinced had been kidnapped or was dead in her house for the past week, because she's ALWAYS outside, and we hadnt seen her in days. Turns out, she was just on vacation. I really need to mind my own business.
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