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Blood Results back from Clomid this cycle....?

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BabyHopes TTC #1 has given up. 
Asked at 2010.08.29 23:28:43
Well the doctor called me yesterday with the results from my bloodwork to see if 100mg of Clomid had worked for me this time. This is my second round of Clomid. I had NO ovulation!! :( In order to ovulate he told me that the progestrone level has to be 8 or higher. On 50mg my level was 1.9. This time, on the higher dosage, it was LOWER! 1.5!!! How is that even possible? Plus my OB had put me on 2 months of birth control pills because he said that taking the up'ed dosage of Clomid right after coming off the pill had a higher success rate! But it was lower!! I'm really thinking about maybe changing doctors. I read online that you should be monitered the whole time on Clomid and have ultrasounds done to see if your ovaries are even being stimulated by the pills. He hasnt done that. I'm not even sure if he has done any bloodwork to see if there is a reason I'm not ovulating.

So he told me the next step was just to keep uping the dosage. I will take 150mg Clomid CD 3-7. But I have a few questions:

1. Has anyone ever or know of anyone how has not ovulated on 50mg, or 100mg, but then ovulated on 150mg??

2.Since my progestrone level is soooooo low even on 100mg, do you think I will need the max dosage or Clomid or do you think I'll have to go onto a specialist and go furter (ex. injections, insemination, ect)

Thanks ladies... I hope you can make me feel better! We have been TTC almost 14 months now.....
answer lizzynewman06  Answered at 2010.08.29 23:28:43
Hello, I hope I can help a little .
I have taken clomid for 5 cycles now, 2 times on days 5-9 and the other 3 times on days 3-7 .. After cycle 3 with clomid I took a break .. The first 3 cycles were at 50mg,100mg and 150 mg .. I never ovulated.. I am also on met formin ... I decided to take a cycle break because hubby was deployed for a month.. Low and behold I ovulated on my own with nothing but metformin and my Progesterone level was 13.5 .. The next cycle I was upped to clomid 200MG... I did ovulate but I was also taking FSH and HMG, however I was getting frequent Ultra sounds and from days 3-7 taking only clomid and the DR did say my ovaries were responding .. So yes , it is possible to ovulate on a higher dose , when you did not on a lower.. I must say though the side effects were horrible on the 200mg.. hot flashes and blurry vision were the pits . My progesterone level was also less then 2 on all cycles of clomid under 200 mg... I am now being seen by a really good fertility DR and he said that it can take up to 6 cycles of clomid and you might not conceive until the last cycle... My next cycle we are going to do injections only with timed BD as I can't take the side effects from the clomid anymore.. Also it dried up my CM really bad .. So anyway I hope some of this helps !! good luck and tons of baby dust !!
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