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Using the system and stay-at-home-moms: Why shouldn't we use the system?

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Asked at 2010.08.19 20:08:33
back in the olden days there weren't all of these ridiculous taxes.

someone emailed me a list of everything that our government taxes us for, and the list is quite long - 2 pages full of things that we as americans are taxed for.

at the end of the list, there was a statement that made a lot of sense; it read, "once upon a time, women could comfortably stay at home with their children. today, prices are sky high, and in addition to unreasonable prices, there are taxes on everything imaginable, forcing both of the parents to have to work to provide for their families, while other people raise their children. the people who demand these taxes get rich while their wives are able stay at home and raise their children, but the average american must hand their children over to strangers while they both work. can you say, 'greedy politicians?'

so, with this point made, i am thinking of using the system for food stamps, medicaid and electric assistance once my child is born in october so that i can stay at home with him.

the way i see it, if the government is going to pin all of these silly and unnecessary taxes on the average american while we struggle while their pockets get fatter, why shouldn't i use the government to help me raise my child until he starts school?

i have worked for 15 years straight, and most of these 15 years i have worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs, so i have payed a lot of taxes over the years.

would i be terrible to take advantage of government assistance until my son starts school?
answer Mrs. Z plus 3  Answered at 2010.08.19 20:08:33
I do see how you are rationalizing the theory but in reality it probably wouldn't work. There are some stipulations that go along with it such as in the state of Ohio if you have more than $10,000.00 in equity (Basically if you own a decent car or own a home) you do not qualify at all.

I often wonder the same thing myself. How do people survive like that? Why is it fair that my tax dollars are going to support people who are CAPABLE of working yet they choose not to.

I can see why you are being attacked because just skimming through it looks bad but I assume you are thinking like I do and it basically comes down to "it just isn't fair" right?

Do yourself a favor and just take the higher road. It's nice to think about taking advantage of but ultimately you don't want to go there.

I hope I understood your question right...
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