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So why can't you afford to stay at home ?

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Asked at 2010.08.19 20:07:31
I saw a question that got me thinking.

If you are a mother who claims they have to work and can't afford to stay at home, why can't you ? I mean do you over spend ? have a house you can't afford or to many cars ? or living beyond your means as a family ?

I'm just curious cause even though things are tight sometimes, I would NEVER work while my kids were not in school full time, nothing replaces me but I hear the same phrase " We cant afford it " and Im curious why ? My faimly affords it, did we plan better ?

This isnt a bashing thing, Im just curious why people say then cant afford to when back in the day most families could but we had alot less back then as well

I mean we have two used well running cars, our mortgage isnt that exorbant ( I dont think it is ) we have the normal bills plus 4 credit cards with small balances from a vacation this summer.

So why can't you afford it, remember IM NOT bashing, im just really curious,the moms im friends with all stay home, families who make big sacrafices
answer #6 BEAN IS HERE MISSION COMPLE  Answered at 2010.08.19 20:07:31
The ONLY mothers I know who work are the ones that manage their money poorly.

That is not to say that there are not 100,000's out there who this is not true for though - it is only the ones I know.

A friend (or ex friend really) went back to work when her son was 16 weeks old. She said she HAD to, however they have take out at least 3-4 times a week, dress in all the top brands, drive a new car with a payment rather than an old one they could own outright.

In her case, it is not a matter of having to work - it is just that in order to keep their "lifestyle" she has to work.

I am forrtunate that my husband has his own successful business which brings in more than enough money for us to have me at home. We have no mortgage (have paid it off), no loans or credit cards and a nice savings account for rainy days.

Yet even though we are very financially secure, we still don't have take out 3-4 times a week or waste money on brand clothes if we don't need them. If we did this, it would not take too long before we did get in a financial mess.

You can't have it all!

Good money management definitely plays a role in it however, as I said above, I don't believe this is always the case.
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