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Question for people who believe moms should stay home?

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Asked at 2010.08.11 09:04:42
If you are someone who believes mothers should be home and should not work outside the home, do you also believe all children should be home schooled?

If not then can you explain what the difference is between being away from your child while you work, and being away from your child while they attend school?

I ask because the main argument of people who are against working moms seems to be that they are allowing someone else to care for/teach their child while they work rather than being there for their child. So wouldn't those same people be against children going to school as well?

For the record, I was a stay home mom before my children went to school. I've never had an issue though with moms who work and so I wonder why others do.

Actually what made me think of this question is when someone here asked who spends more time with your child, you, your husband, daycare etc..?

It just got me thinking how it seems more acceptable for your child to be away from you if they go to school all day but not acceptable if it's because you work. Both are choices, school is not mandatory, people could home school. So why is one acceptable and not the other to some people? If you say "I work 8 hours a day so I don't get to see my child during that time" = bad, but "My child goes to school 8 hours a day so I don't get to see them during that time" = perfectly fine

answer Mom to a Boy & boy came 3-10-  Answered at 2010.08.11 09:04:42
Well seeing as how i was a teen mommy i had school and work. And no i do not believe all children should be home schooled they are missing out of social interaction with kids there own age and that is a vital part of kids lives. My son has never really been in day care except for about 5 months but most of the time if i am working and unable to pick him up my ex his dad will gladly pick him up or my mom and dad or even my boyfriend will pick him up. Personally i like to work and know that i am bringing in some of the money. Now if i am evil for that or just to low for the SAHM's Then god help me *Being very sarcastic with that last line.*
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