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A question I never thought I would ever ask... How do i care for my daughters ear piercing - SERIOUSLY?

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Asked at 2010.08.05 07:28:16
I trusted my in laws to have my daughter for an hour this morning, they said they were taking her to see her great gran, who hadnt been feeling too well (nothing contagious, just old age). I said ONE hour, have her back by 11.30 so she can have lunch at 12 and her nap at 1pm.

MIL text me saying she had a suprise for me - she brought jy daughter in with bits of gold in her ears. I wont even get into what was was said. My daughter was extremely upset, I gave her calpol and she cuddled into me on the couch, I tried to remove the earring which caused her a lot of stress till I ended up having to restrain her to remove them. She seemed a little happier. She wont eat her lunch, and she was falling asleep on me, but everytime her head dropped onto the side on her ear she would wake up crying.

She finally gave in 15min ago and is lying on her back on the sofa beside me.

How do I care for her ears to make sure they dont get infected? Is there something specific I should clean them with?

(I require no advice on dealing with the in laws, believe me - I dealt with them, and my partner is going to see them when he finishes work)
answer mystic_eye_cda  Answered at 2010.08.05 07:28:16
Go into a pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. I know there are antibiotic creams that have added numbing agents but I don't know if they are safe for toddlers.

In the mean time if she will let you stick some ice on. Then some normal antibiotic cream. They used to stick alcohol on piercings but that dried them out and they took longer to heal, so now they normally send you home with an antibiotic lotion.

I have some small reusable ice packs that are very small (4"-5"?) that are dora's face or diego's face I get them from the dollar store. They are great because I say that "Dora's going to kiss it all better" and then my toddler will at least sit for a minute or two (he hates ice packs). But if you don't have those you could maybe stick an ice pack in a finger puppet, toy, blankie or even just print out or draw a picture and stick it on ice in an plastic sandwich bag

PS MIL is still walking around? You are nice than me. Then again I wouldn't even let my HUSBAND take my kids over to the in-laws for the first two years. Now I *almost* trust my husband and I finally let the in-laws baby sit because my husband really, really wanted to go out with his brother and have me come and his brother lives like one block away from his parents. The first time was fine because FIL was drunk and passed out, the second time was not good.
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