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My wife is working in child day care center as a lead teacher.How she supposed to handle this difficult mom?

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Tri-State Guy! 
Asked at 2010.07.17 22:24:45
My wife is(we are non white) working in child day care center as a lead teacher.Her regular kids in her cleass allready had graduation but she is giving summer classes to differt kids who wants to take summer class,means they are diffrent kids who are allmost 6 yrs old.on last monday they suppose to go to swiming pool but because of rain they had to cancel it and they went to another fun place called' 'chukie chees'so before they went there all kids supposed to change their clothes.This particular girl who is allmost 6 too went to the bathroom to change.Girl wore long dress since morning from her home.after everything over mom at home found out her daughter was not wearing underwear.She thinks my wife is responsible for that and mother freeked out and mad at her including her director.My wife is one of the dedicated teacher at her work and working there since 6 yrs or more.Would like to know how can this mother hold her responsible because her daughter was not wearing under wear?
answer Heather  Answered at 2010.07.17 22:24:45
I agree with the first person who answered you- if she keeps it up toss her out! She doesn't have to be there and your wife doesn't have to put up with her. She's being ridiculous. It sounds like she is insecure with her parenting skills and wants to blame anything that goes wrong in her mind on someone else- your wife just happened to be the scapegoat. When you have an entire classroom to control there is no way you can be expected to make sure every kid is wearing underwear, it's just not possible. Children should be supervised in the bathroom so you know they aren't playing in there but the teachers aren't going to physically inspect all of their butts! Lol. I would tell your wife to type up a newsletter telling parents that it is their responsibility to make sure their kid wears underwear each day! Surely the director realizes how stupid this lady is so it's not like your wife has anything to worry about. Just start documenting every incident with this child's mom- date, a description, etc. and have the director sign it so if it comes to kicking her child out the director will have some documentation to show her why. Anytime you work with kids you end up with a few crazies, try not to let them get to you. Good luck!=]
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