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This is NO LONGER "Bush's War"!!!!?

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Alpha Male 
Asked at 2010.05.08 08:22:16
I have spent 4 years of my life in the Middle East fighting this war and find it so ridiculous that people call it "Bush's War."

So, I am hereby declaring this is no longer just "Bush's War"!

I am a United States Soldier and THIS IS MY WAR!!

Who's with me?
answer Robert C  Answered at 2010.05.08 08:22:16
I'm with you 100%!

Let me guess... you were drafted. They sent you to Iraq to steal oil. Once you got there you helped Halliburtion get rich.

Every day you cry hoping that the liberals will bring you home becasue you are poor, uneducated and didn't know that when you signed up they might call you up for a war.

You hate Bush and love congress as they are the only ones that understand the war. You don't like the troop surge because that just means more troops are in the way.

You are glad that when you come back that there will be plenty of liberals here that you can thank for getting you out of something you were too stupid to avoid and give you a real job.

Since Bush is so stupid with a degree from both Harvard and Yale; he was able to plan the war before he got elected (twice); convince everyone to vote for going to war against their will when he knew there wasn't WMD in Iraq; transport 140,000 troops over there; but just didn't have the ability to plant even one WMDs in Iraq.

I don't know... I'm with you but Liberal logic tells us that Bush is fighting this war all by himself... and maybe with some help of Halliburton.

Hey, when you guys steal that oil, where are you putting it?

Thank you for your service!
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