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How to keep frogs away from my door? So Scared?

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Asked at 2010.01.19 17:13:17
I have a 1 year old daughter i carry in the house and there are frogs around the door at night, I'm so scared to unlock the door and run in the house! When I see a frog i get nervous and scared! Please tell me how to keep them away from my door because i get so scared when i see them that i will stand away from my door for a while! My husband is away in the Army and its just me and the kids and i can not go through this all summer! Please help! Thanks
answer likeomgwhateverdude  Answered at 2010.01.19 17:13:17
try to remember they are just frogs and cannot and wont try to hurt you. they are harmless lil creatures... if this is really a fear... (im deathly scared of spiders) then call an exterminator and see what they suggest you should do..

Find out on the internet what type of frogs you have and when they lay their eggs. You can then use a fish net (like you would use for your aquarium) and scoop up tadpoles. You can either lay them on the cement or lawn in full sun so they'll die, or bury them.

BE HUMANE! Frogs are good for a lot of things, but don't spray chemicals on them because it's a long and painful death for them and the chemicals WILL NOT kill them immediately! The best method to rid yourselves of the frogs is to get rid of the egg stage as I've suggest above. Then catch the frogs with a net, put them in a container in the refrigerator overnight which causes the toad to go into a coma-like state. Then move the container to the freezer the next morning and freeze until the next garbage collection day or freeze it for a couple of days and then bury them in the backyard compost bin or garden bed.

Get together with your neighbours and go "frog hunting" using the freezing method. Some neighbors may have an extra refrigerator and freezer. Frogs in containers WILL NOT damage or contaminate your food in the fridge or freezer if put in containers.

Remove any wood piles, old lumber or pots from ground level. Frogs and Toads live in dark, damp, places during the daytime and hunt in the evening hours. If you remove their favorite haunts they will move on.

If you have a lot of ferns, shrubs, etc., around your property or near a pool then get rid of them. Use potted plants around the pool or pond area for added attraction.

Keep pet food inside the house. Frogs have been known to help themselves to a free meal from a dog's dish. If you feed your pet outside, pick up any uneaten food before evening comes.

Empty water bowls, ground-level birdbaths or other containers that have standing water. Frogs are attracted to moisutre. Any standing water is an open invitation. (This step will also eliminate mosquitoes from your garden, but be advised, toads eat mosquitos, so once they have moved on, you may be plagued with an invasion of pesky insects.)

If you use pesticides in your garden, you will kill frogs and toads. Their skin is a permeable membrane making them very susceptible to toxic chemicals.

In the evening shut-off all outdoor lights (that means lights in your gardens as well as porch lights) and also close all drapes or curtains in the house. Bugs are attracted to light and the frogs are attracted to the bugs. Use bug zappers outside on your porch and if the frogs are coming into the house kill all flies or gnats that are in your home. Once the food source is eliminated the frogs will disappear.

Good luck Marcy

Or stick them in a bottle and have someone who has anger-management problems, shack them up and kill them. Or you can have your kids throw them in the middle of the road, run them over with car tire, bike tires or and thing that will crush there bone and heve there guts sticking out of them
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