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What can you tell me about the reasons for all-over new hair growth?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 06:42:50
The last time I experienced all-over new hair growth was when I went off the contraceptive pill, aged 33, and due to the hormone shift brand new hair began to grow all over my scalp. The new hair was more curly than my normally wavy, long, fair hair. My hairdresser at the time pointed it out "Look! You're growing new hair!" That was 20 years ago. I still have excellent long wavy, fair hair with a tendency to spiral curls, yet now, I happily notice that I am getting new hair! It's curly and is about 4 or 5 inches long when pulled straight. It's great to be getting new hair, and I was wondering if you might know how or why this is happening again Thanks for all your input!
answer path less travelled  Answered at 2009.12.18 06:42:50
I am always curious about the active chemistries of medications generally, such as that found in contraceptives and just what is it in your instance that would block hair growth before and now causes a re-read of genetic expression -- for example growing curly now and before as opposed to the wavy hair you were apparently born with. The human body is fascinating, yes?

Afterword: I am convinced a high degree of this new growth is as you and Phae below intimate, and have also to be convinced that endorinologists, biotechnologists, and gynecologists privately gather for research and studies to see differently into the many physiology clinical trials, formerly exclusively based on and derived from male models, that a new sight and approach will show new proofs; that they need not look as far as done before for certain resolves regarding alopecia -- that the solutions may rest there inside the female body, and which knowledge and applications will serve of great purposes for both genders. For now, in this millenium, is that time come.
brownlowtahlia Answered at 2015.06.11 06:16:50
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harrisonbate Answered at 2015.09.25 09:23:21
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