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What is it with some people?

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Rayven ~ Life's a B 
Asked at 2010.01.16 19:03:22
Why is that some people can just find a problem with anything? In this case going to a reputable breeder as opposed to going to the shelter and adopting? When I went for my morning jog through the park I ran into a friend of a friend - "If I knew she was on the whole adoption only all breeders are the scum of the earth" bandwagon I wouldn't have brought up the fact I was getting a puppy from a breeder.

Anyways the minute breeder left my mouth she got that look in her eyes that just screamed, "What is wrong with you?" Before I knew it she had lapsed into how there was no such thing as a good breeder and why couldn't I find a perfectly good dog in state and at the shelter or off petfinder, and how there were thousands of perfectly good dogs and puppies out there being put down because of people "like me" who want "perfect" dogs.

Yes there are perfectly good dogs and pups at my local shelter waiting for homes, but none that are "perfect" for what I want. There are NO Catahoulas in my local shelter and while there are 6 listed with the North East branch of the Catahoula Rescue - only one is actually being fostered up here, none of them are the right fit since I plan to show and compete.

I am going to a reputable breeder and am capable of handling my breed of choice so what exactly is the big deal?

And for the Adoption Brigade here on YA, why is it you find the need to either lump ALL breeders into the bad category or to try and guilt someone into adopting?
answer Ûž Memphis Belle Ûž  Answered at 2010.01.16 19:03:22
I will debate an issue if the other person is mature enough to respect the fact that I may have a different point of view, but will not tolerate having a point of view shoved down my throat as unquestionable *fact*.

No way, no thanks.

My next Dobermann will be bred by kennel that breeds its dogs to work/compete in sport & does not breed down/weed out the drives/traits that make it a working breed. It will have a stable temperament & strong nerves, which are at the top of my wish list.

Yes, a needle in the haystack, but you may find a Dobermann capable of working in breed rescue, but I want one with health guarantees & from a kennel that titles its dog in work/sport & possibly conformation too.

I choose where I buy my dog from & I make no apology for it.
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