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Do you think the hate campaigners?

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Asked at 2010.01.10 21:21:33
Should do some research into child neglect, just so they understand the true meaning and depths of child neglect before they bandy the accusation about so flippantly. It appears to be the last straw they can clutch in order to justify their nasty vitriol and vilification of the McCanns. Making a mistake in believing that their little girl was safe whilst they dined is not my understanding of true child neglect or abuse. Stupid/Naive though the McCanns may have been I don't see it as abuse or neglect if the truth be told. Do you believe they say it in almost every posting because the have nothing else to justify their hate campaign?
answer Harry  Answered at 2010.01.10 21:21:33
It is a hate campaign of course even though in this same question it is denied, they want to hate but it is "not a hate campaign" sheesh.

They have twisted the whole history by constantly repeating "they left the children alone" interestingly saying this is not the real aim. What the haters are trying to do and I admit with some success is to distort the picture in the minds of readers to infer and even say outright that the McCanns killed their daughter, yes this is the real aim.

It is a hate campaign based on envy, mean losers have latched onto a mistake by the McCanns ( for Christ's sake they are broken hearted about this mistake) but still the hate rolls in , over and over again, literally 1000s of times.

I really have the creeps about these people and their vindictive nasty unforgiving gloating. OK in simple words they make me sick
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