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Is there any way to tell the thickness of my double glazing?  

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Asked at 2010.01.09 20:12:15
i need to know how thick my double glazing is, can you help?is there a way to tell is it written on the frame somewhere?
answer Dune  Answered at 2010.01.09 20:12:15
Get a set of welders vice grips and careful set them so they lock just touching the glass.
Release them and take away from the window and lock again.
Measure the gap and you will have you answer.
answer 2.26.42.* Answered at 2011.05.25 11:53:42
I think he means when the glass is already installed! To do what he says above, would mean removing the glass in order to measure it. Easiest way is either;
It's written on the silver bar inside the unit

If not then its by simple means of guestimation, you know roughly how wide 16mm is this would be the silver strip so that would equate to a 24mm unit (4-16-4). Same applies for 18mm would be 4-10mm-4) and so on

If you can't do this then open the window, on the frame there is usually a frame pattern with protruding lines, measure this from one line to the other, and this will give you approx double glazing width. so basically, edge of frame.....come in and look for the protruding lines going down...Measure inbetween these.
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