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How do i get tough stains out of carpet, regular cleaners like Resolve do not work. Thank You!?

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Asked at 2010.01.09 20:12:04

answer rlucas_magicbubbles  Answered at 2010.01.09 20:12:04
Resolve has surfactants in it. (soap). If you put soap on your shirt and rubbed it in to take a stain out, you still have the residue of the resolve on your shirt. It is tacky. It will attract dirt and it will get dirty again faster. What is a tuff stain? Oil is tuff. PET Stains are tuff. Coffee stains. Liquid stains like sugars ie soda, Use Stain Extinguisher ( Home Depot ) Carbonated cleaner. No dirt attracting residue left over. Spray the solution on the stain. Go forward and backward with a clean white terry cloth towel and then go left and right so you get all four faces of the carpet. That should do the job.

You can use club soda too. It's cheaper and it does not leave a residue. You don't want to use anything the will hinder or damage your carpet fiber for a professional cleaner.

Tuff stains. Oil stains are difficultbecausee you just take the dirt off the surface of the oil and it looks clean. Then it comes back again because you did not remove the oil. Solvents are used to remove oil. Or we use a solution to dry the oil out. Once that is done there is no dirt attracting residue.

You need the right kind of solution for the kind of stain you have. Like takes out like. Identify the stain and you can defeat it.
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