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Advice for cleaning my room?

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Asked at 2010.01.08 21:22:07
i have a major problem keeping my room clean and its so bad i dont even know how to start. my closets have literally emptied themselves onto my floor (with a little help from me of course) so anyways i go in all motivated but then i find a note, a book, a picture, theres always something that grabs my attention. so a room that should take maybe 3 hours (and im serious) to clean takes 5 because i read a book in the middle of it. my rooms not dirty its messy. clothes, shoes, papers, books. im 18 and ive always been messy but its kinda getting out of hand. so anyhow. any ideas. tips. ways to stay occupied. maybe even a little neater. i tried the whole clean it every night before bed thing but it dont work...
answer justcurious  Answered at 2010.01.08 21:22:07
Glad to help. get some garbage bags 1. make your bed 2. pick up everything that needs to be put away and put it on your bed. Clean clothes on one end. garbage in bag.3.dirty clothes go in a pile outside your door.4 if anything needs to go to another room place it outside your room. DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. 5. put the clean clothes on the bed away. 6 put the rest of the stuff away-make sure everything has a place where it belongs- 7. go around the room starting at the door work right to left around the room and top to bottom dusting and straightening and throwing the garbage away. vacuum or sweep then take care of stuff in hall. Now set the timer and see how much of this you can do in 20 minutes. PLay some music and get going. Good luck you won't believe how easy this is. Get rid of stuff you don't need.
corranjamie Answered at 2015.07.27 04:06:51
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