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Didn't the cleaners time this well?

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Just Natalie 
Asked at 2010.01.08 21:20:45
We get the apartment cleaned every 2 days by 2 (male) cleaners.
They normally come at about 10am. So today they didn't show up for ages and I was holding off having a shower until they had been and gone. So at 4pm I presumed they weren't coming and went for a swim, when I came back I went in the shower. Soon as I got in the shower the cleaners turned up! I think this was a plan to see my nekkid bod, what do you think?
answer Crazy Baby  Answered at 2010.01.08 21:20:45
They were waiting for just the right moment. They heard all about the newly arrived fresh meat. Were they at least hot?
lucysimpson34 Answered at 2014.02.22 12:34:00
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