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White cottony pieces from my vagina?

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Asked at 2010.01.07 21:17:26
I have never had sex, although I have been fingered fairly regularly for about a year. Today in the shower, I noticed small white cottony-like pieces coming out of my vagina. I'm certain I've never had them before. What could this be? I've Googled it and it said it's a yeast infection, yet that comes from pregnancy or sex and I've never had sex. Could there be another way of getting a yeast infection? Can fingering do it (say, if fingernails were dirty?)? Please respond, I'm getting very concerned.
answer Galileah_B  Answered at 2010.01.07 21:17:26
Most girls who are pregnant are sensitive to getting a yeast infection. Buteven babies and men get it and so do virgins
Small cuts and scrapes from your V is an easy door for infection such as Yeast infection, Vaginitis and Bacterial Vaginosis.
Rashes due to an allergic or irritated reaction to a tampon, lube or sanitary napkin ( the scented ones ), or even the lace of an undie can cause that.

Most virgins who get yeast infections gate it from having a weak immune system or after taking strong anti biotics such as meds for Tonsilitis or UTI, or a severe flu...the anti biotics messes up the natural flow of hormones n your body and that makes the yeast grow on over drive.
A bad feminine hygiene, like what u said dirty fingernails can ause that too...even worse UTI which is a bacterial infection

What you should do

1. Wear clean cotton undies
2. Wash down there with cold water
3. See a doctor for treatment, she would be giving you an anti fungal cream or pill
4. No tight pants or shorts, avoid sweets especially during treatment and no sodas
5. wash your sheets with hot water, dont sleep naked
6. No sex. yeast infection is not exactly an STD but you can still transfer it to someone by skin contact. And you may want to wash your undies separately from family with HOT water
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