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Are there any black female anime/manga characters?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 03:46:59
Okay. So I'm tall with curly hair. In fact, I very literally look like my avatar. Are there anime/manage characters I could dress up as for conventions? I mean, that fit my genetic profile and all. Much help is appreciated. Thanks, loves.
answer tink4v  Answered at 2009.12.18 03:46:59
answer darknesscore  Answered at 2010.11.24 05:06:14
Claudia from Macross/Robotech immediately comes to mind. As is Briareos Hecatonchires from Appleseed, believe it or not. (He just has little to none of his original skin left, as he's about completely cybernetic by the point of the original story.) Those are (presumably) the African/African-American black people, though. If we were to include the middle-eastern kind as well, the list would grow larger.
answer ness  Answered at 2010.11.24 05:07:01
Caska from Berserk
Yoruichi from Bleach
April from Darker than Black
um... thats all i can think of black female anime/manga characters
answer monkey  Answered at 2010.11.24 05:07:41
Black women in seinen about foreign countries are common. But in shonen and shojo...not so much. Yoruichi is one, I guess. We've had some very tertiary characters in some cases in Detective Conan. In Trinity Blood, there's a vampire who's black, and possible, another one called Lilith, only seen in flashbacks (though her hair is red...). In Angel Sanctuary, a race of demons known as evils are brown-skinned (before anybody says this series is racist, they're the good guysXD).

In Axis Powers Hetalia, a series that has a character for each country on earth (only around 60 s far), we have some Africans designed...and they're all black and women.
answer babyincar  Answered at 2011.03.23 06:41:50
black female anime characters? i don't like..
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