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FAT people, should the be forced to loose weight before NHS treatment?

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Asked at 2010.01.06 19:33:42

answer Realist 2006  Answered at 2010.01.06 19:33:42
I have been reading the replies to what I thought was a reasonable question , I am truly amazed at a lot of the replies , one would think that stephen was a convicted child killer and serial chain saw murderer !!
The answerer's who spewed forth the venom very obviously have a very poor grasp of English !!
Did any of you see the curly mark that followed the word treatment ! well that is a question mark ! That means that he asking for your opinion and NOT I repeat NOT making a statement .
For those of you who were offended by being given the opportunity to voice your opinion well I can tell you that I myself am clinically obese , I have diabetes type 2 , I have had triple by pass surgery done twice followed by an aortic aneurysm .
Now I know where my fat comes from ! not genes , not being force fed or even junk food , it is simply from eating too many calories while not exercising.
Here is a thought for you ! . How many fat people did you see come out out of the German prison camps at th end WW2 ?. If that is too long ago how many fatties have you spotted in Somalia or Ethiopia ???
And stop knocking the guys spelling , perhaps question his typing skills. Neither have any bearing on the subject content as you all seemed put your own interpretation on what the question was or meant. Cheers Pete
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