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  What does being in a coma feel like?

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Asked at 2010.01.06 03:20:56
to people who have been in a coma, how long were you in coma? do you remember what it feels like? did you hear anything? is it like sleeping? why where you in a coma? what did it feel like waking up? did you dream in coma? can you smell, see, feel, sense? and can you feel pain in coma?
answer Mickey Mouse Spears  Answered at 2010.01.06 03:20:56
Being in a coma is the same as what it feels like to be a rock. You would have to ask a rock, and the rocks aren't talking. Nobody knows what a coma is like, which leads me to believe it's like death, for all intents and purposes.
Uncle_Lew Answered at 2010.10.16 13:55:51
I was in a medically induced coma for three days due to complications from triple by-pass surgery. I slowly drifted from a state of unconsciousness from the anesthetic used into a totally black world feeling nothing, not being able to move nor talk nor open my eyes. I was able to hear everything going on and my brain was working at full blast when i was in coma. I heard all that was happening in my room. I figured where the speaker was by how the volume of their voice changed. I heard my brother encouraging me to get well, the nurses and doctors talking about my condition. The only thing they did say but should have was that I was in a coma. I had sleep and awake cycles. When I was awake I only "saw" black while sleeoing I had vivid, electrically colored dreams. These dreams were visions of my heart surgery but with all the personnel and myself being abstracted. The only scare I had was when a priest came to my room and prayed to me. I went into a panic. I thought he was giving me the Last Rites. I screamed in my mind to God to spare me. I wanted to live. I was in a panic but could not do anything, I was frozen like a rock. Then I felt a warmth on my forehead and on the palms of my hands. That was the only thing I felt during the three days of my coma and the panic was gone (when I talked to the priest after coming out of the coma, he told me he was Annointing the Sick and what I felt was the warm oil he used in the rite). Close to when I was to be revived one eye at a time was opened. I saw a doctor shining a small flash light into my eyes. That was the only thing I saw while in my coma. I then felt myself drifting again but this time it was into consciousness. I was awake but totally disoriented with tubes stuck into every possible place they could fit one in. And totall wired to sensors. This started the road to normalcy. I had to learn to swallow again as well as walk and move around. That's about coma.
answer 108.221.198.* Answered at 2013.04.06 09:56:48
I never been in a coma but my cousins cousin bumped his head when he was 5 and got in a coma for 18 years I think when your in a coma for a long time you don't remember anything
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cai123 Answered at 2018.10.23 00:48:20
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