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I have been barred from yahoo spades rooms, and have no idea can I find out why and who did this to?

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Jackie R 
Asked at 2010.01.03 06:32:46
I am very upsett, I was in the middle of a yahoo spades game and all of a sudden was kicked out of the game. When I tried to get back in. there was an alert informing me that i had been banned for two days, I have no Idea why, who or how anyone would do this to me. Sure would appreciate some answers.
answer §niff  Answered at 2010.01.03 06:32:46
Who did this = Yahoo

.You click too fast/too much and jump around too much.... Yahoo's new technology, has a glitch ... banning IDs
... this doesn't mean you violated TOS. Many are getting chat bans for no reason. If you got booted / disconnected ... then can't loggin click this link to learn more and tell yahoo > <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ...

Perhaps if enough people tell Yahoo and they get enough complaints....they will do something about it. ( keep in mind yahoo work on a VERY delayed response)

people who run booters/scrollers cannot bann you........Yahoo's new technology has caught up with these people, if one is loaded now it is an automatic deactivation.
but........ the way you behave with your type can be considered to be one of these people running a programme so read on and learn what NOT to do

if you have done any of the below expect to be banned
Yahoo has changed the "goalposts" to try and stop the sex bots / scrollers / booters / abusers / cheats...If you scroll ..type too fast...or..send multiple invites...jump lounges or tables kibitz multiple times...use multiple nics..or basically click around too will be BANNED....Yahoo thinks you are up2 mischief doing these things, you WILL be banned....
If you run a booter ..spamm..... violate the law ... cuss or abuse chatters among other things ... and Yahoo receives and abuse report ... and RECEIVES A COPY OF THE PAST CHAT SESSION (SCREEN SHOT) , Yahoo has the USA courts legal permission to deactivated or ban accounts.
minor banns can last for 8 hours.........others years..most times it is only the ID that is banned........ for major violations it is an IP bann, and deactivation of all accounts.
Use another ID or make a new ID till your bann has finished
answer 216.8.206.* Answered at 2012.06.11 20:36:40
This is BS,, I went into a room and every time i would try to get on a table, a provi got in before me and hosted the table and put bots in and then booted me. So I tried to get into numberous rooms before him and this kept happening. And I am barred WHYYYYYYYYYYYy. Yahoo needs to monitor these fools that come on to these games and does this stuff. I have been playing spades for over 20 yrs and cannot beleive what goes on. So lift the bar and take care of the ones that are really abusing the spades games.;
answer 184.219.26.* Answered at 2013.06.07 18:31:06
i also was in the middle of a game and got booted when i tried to come back it said i was banned i dont know why.
answer 98.195.246.* Answered at 2013.07.15 15:59:30
yahoo need to get rid of the booters in spades
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