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Is TV an acceptable scrabble word?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 05:39:42

answer hobbesjohnson  Answered at 2010.01.03 05:39:42
This definitely falls under "house rules"...but if TV is allowed as a word, it opens a floodgate for all other abbreviations, and it's more of a curse than a blessing. Anytime you bend the rules in Scrabble (allowing abbreviations, foreign words, biblical words, proper names...) you're probably going to regret it later. The easiest thing, as someone said earlier, is to choose ONE dictionary and agree that if a word is in there (uncapitalized) then it is acceptable. This has it's problems, too, since many modern words (fax, factoid, etc.) are real words but not in less recent dictionaries. Scrabble is an art around with the colors!
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