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  'A Photograph'- shirley toulson?  

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nishi s 
Asked at 2009.12.22 02:45:41
a photograph by shirley toulson
answer shankar p  Answered at 2009.12.22 02:45:41
thew main idea of the poem
line wise full explation of the poem-A photograph by Shirley Toulson summary of the poem
answer 49.14.19.* Answered at 2011.06.14 07:56:53
what does the word cardboard denote in the poem?why has this word been used?
answer 117.195.171.* Answered at 2011.06.21 07:50:18
carboard denotes a old times people used to hang their photograph on the cardboard.
answer 122.177.224.* Answered at 2011.07.17 07:38:07
:P :P
answer 42.108.152.* Answered at 2011.07.19 10:54:45
why where the tow girls holding on to the hands of big girl?
answer 42.108.152.* Answered at 2011.07.19 10:55:56
why where the girls holding on to the hands of big girl?
answer 117.198.55.* Answered at 2011.07.20 21:33:41
the word'cardboard'denotes the photograph.This word has been used to tell how people preserved photographs in older days.
answer 115.184.107.* Answered at 2011.07.27 17:51:59
cardboard refers to the photogragh
answer 59.178.46.* Answered at 2011.08.08 21:52:06
cardboard is represents by the photograph .This word cardboard is used in older days
answer 115.240.51.* Answered at 2011.08.14 09:50:05
what is the meaning of "wry with the laboured ease of loss"?
answer 117.197.160.* Answered at 2012.06.04 05:20:45
nostalagic recollection of past...!!!
answer 106.67.231.* Answered at 2012.06.29 04:13:08
the poet mother laughed at the snapshots .what did this laugh indicates
answer 106.67.231.* Answered at 2012.06.29 04:14:58
what does "this circumstance " refers to?
answer 1.23.159.* Answered at 2012.07.15 06:16:06
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