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  Where's the website Bella goes onto in Twilight about the Quileute Legends?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 00:17:12
someone said they found the website she starts off on but i cant find it x[
answer wood_meister_85  Answered at 2009.12.18 00:17:12
All websites that Bella visits were created specifically for the movie, and never actually posted to the internet. For example, the website for the Apotamkin (Continuity: on the website Bella visits, it's spelled Apotampkin), with the web address along the lines of, or the Rock and Roll website above that search result, with the web address of, neither of those exist.

Visual Effects will often create an HTML file on the computer to give the appearance of visiting the website. You'll also notice that on an image heavy site such as Apotamkin's, the page loads instantatiously - leading one to believe that the HTML file and images are saved on the computer.

However, there are some pretty interesting articles out there about Apotamkin, which is a mythical god.
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