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How did/are you paying for college?

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Asked at 2009.12.21 17:13:25
I'm doing a research paper for school and my topic is about the expensiveness of college, and I want to know how current students and recent graduates are paying for it.
answer LaZCat  Answered at 2009.12.21 17:13:25
Good topic!! Here is all the information that I have hopefully it will help you.

I was lucky that my school was cheap compare to other school in the country. I depended on parents and financial aid (grants, loans and scholarships)

I got financial aid that includes: gov. grants, scholarships, and school loans.
The problem with financial aid is you have to claim that you are a low income. If you live with parents and they make a little more money than low-income people, then you will depend on school loans for school. So now all qualify for gov grants. Scholarships are great but they are hard to get (unless you are an athlete). It’s almost like a poor person that is begging for money. So scholarship counselors don’t treat applicants the best way.

I graduated 2-years ago and I still owe $18000 for my school. I know that is doesn’t sound like a lot compare to others. I am paying back now.

Not to mention every time I get in an argument with mom I still hear " I paid for your school bla bla bla" even though I graduate it.

Anyway. Although my school was not expensive like other school, but there was at least a 20% increase in tuition and fees every semester. Parking permits are required in order to park on campus and they are expensive. Required to pay for the student health fees around $50 a semester and it doesn’t matter if you don't use it, you have to pay for it anyway.

Book are expensive, you can buy a book for $60 and sells it in the end of the semester for $20, which I think it is ridicules.
Some instructors DON’T use the books in class, but they can't say that so they don’t loose their jobs. And publishers make their money from books that student don’t read.

It was tough being a student, get financial aid, and maintain a decent paying job during school. Even when you graduate, depending on your major, a lot of majors graduate and work in a different field because it makes more money. Fot instance servers and bartenders make more money then school teachers in the state that I live in. So it is tough.

I really like your topic, you have a lot to talk right about, I hope this information helps you with your research.
Please contact if you have any questions.

Good Luck :)
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