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Are You Worried About Eyes Infection?

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In the case of an entropion, it could cause a corneal ulcer. Posterior blepharitis This inflammation affects the inner part of the eyelid edge, at the place where the eyelids are in contact with the eye. It is the result of a dysfunction of the Meibomian glands: the glands become clogged, which can cause styes or chalazions. Posterior blepharitis also causes thickening of the eyelid border and crusting of the eyelids. Mixed blepharitis For this inflammation of the eyelid occur simultaneously and, to varying degrees, anterior and posterior blepharitis. Usually the congestion of secretions on the edge of the eyelid of the posterior type is the one that produces the bacterial proliferation and the infection typical of the previous blepharitis. Squamous blepharitis This type of blepharitis differs from the rest because it produces scales at the base of the eyelashes, usually dry. It is therefore characterized by hyperemia, or increased blood, of the eyelid flange. with swelling and redness of the eyelids, associated with small scales, easily deployable that, sometimes, adhere forming crusts but, when removed, leave a clean bed without ulceration. The eyelashes usually fall, but with a tendency to grow again although, in very chronic cases, an abnormal implantation (dystiquiasis) can occur. It is usually accompanied by tearing and a tendency to rub your eyes.
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