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How You Make Your Hairs Strong?-Startups Questions
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How You Make Your Hairs Strong?

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We will brush the hair daily to stimulate circulation. To promote growth we can rinse it with an infusion of rosemary, with which we will get a long, strong and shiny hair 4 shares Myths and curiosities about sunscreen How to identify a good cosmetic? 3 tips to relieve dry skin There is no magic formula that can accelerate hair growth overnight and grow several centimeters in a single month. In order for hair to grow in a healthy way, it is very important to stimulate it, provide all the nutrients it needs, in addition to combating the damage caused by various environmental factors. Currently there are many products and treatments that promise to accelerate hair growth to show the desired hair; However, most of these products are shielded in deceptive advertising and in the end the results are not as good as expected. Luckily, there are some simple and natural tricks that can help boost hair growth every day, while strengthening and keeping it shiny. If you are looking to accelerate the growth of your hair and you still have not been able to achieve it, do not miss the following tips that will help you achieve the goal. Choose a suitable brush Plastic or metal bristle brushes tend to be aggressive with your hair and end up ruining it. Instead of choosing those of this type, opt for those that are natural and soft bristles with your hair. Stimulate the circulation of your hair Nails-Skin-Hair Every morning, stimulate the circulation of your scalp with at least 50 soft brushes. Keep in mind that the movements should be uniform , from the root to the tips. Don't forget to read: Rosemary remedies to improve circulation Massage the scalp Every night before going to sleep, spend a few minutes on your scalp by gently massaging with the fingertips of both hands.
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