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I need help getting out of payday loans?

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Asked at 2012.09.03 07:30:26
I need help getting out of payday loans?
GaryProffer Answered at 2012.09.03 09:48:20
See if you can get a consolidation loan from a bank or credit union. Try places like American General. Their interest rates are higher than banks but there no where near as high as payday loans. They don't take credit completely in account, but collateral and the proof that you have a steady job. If you get a loan....PAY THEM OFF!! Many people get the loan and don't pay off all of their debt as intended to. This will be a mistake because then all you've done is added another bill on every month.

Do some extra work on the weekends, cut grass (this isn't only for kids), wash windows....businesses need their windows cleaned the going rate is around $3 per window pane, but you can lower that price to get on the spot business. Have a yard sale once a month, look around your house I'm sure there is stuff sitting there that you don't need or use, go on and look for free stuff you can put in your yard sale. I made almost $300 in a weekend doing this.
answer 188.138.204.* Answered at 2014.06.19 02:39:29
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KingPe Answered at 2014.08.06 03:06:35
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elliotgoodwin Answered at 2014.08.26 00:10:56
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answer 23.95.76.* Answered at 2014.10.31 08:39:28
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kaigreig Answered at 2015.06.17 12:27:40
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