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Oil from China Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) best wishes.

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.08.18 08:33:56
Dear friends: Hello! Sends a first network from China Oilfield Chemistry (WWW.COC888.COM) best wishes. I wish you good health and smooth work. China Oilfield Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) sincerely invites you to join, free of charge for you to use our oilfield chemical professional platform for communication and advocacy. As a professional services website oilfield chemistry, we provide timely, reliable news and information, technical advice, products, business promotion mission, to enhance the field of chemical industries and enterprises in international competition and information services continue to expand and extend the width and breadth. Website creation and promotion have been CNOOC, CNPC, Sinopec leaders and experts unanimously approved and affirmed. The current site mainly by industry information, technology trends, supply and demand information, product display, business library, technology channels, alliances and business services, oilfield chemicals, exhibition and training part composition. We are expanding the website will provide you with complete satisfactory service. As a service business platform, China Oilfield Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) supply and demand information, product display, business library for the registration of businesses to provide some publicity company, product display, platform trading facilities; as the site of continuing development, through supply and demand Lanmu day there will be hundreds of thousands of companies publishing supply, procurement, agents and other important information, many suppliers to complete the transaction through here the preliminary work and those obtained from the procurement of long-term purchase orders; the member companies Products and businesses through the library, to improve the visibility of their products and the company to achieve the best possible publicity. China Oilfield Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) technology channels to provide customers with a complete system of technical support in the field of technical cooperation, customers can choose according to the latest technological developments for their own development cooperation. The Forum also provide professional technical exchange platform. In addition, also receive the latest technology and patent literature, and related technology software and oilfield chemical experts. The future development of the enterprise provides a strong technical assurance. Customers can also the site columns to obtain well-known oil field chemical Alliance chemical company contact details, the address book of oil each unit, the domestic / foreign various research institutions, oil companies, technology service companies, associations organization's Web site links, and Spirit all the company interviews. China Oilfield Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) through commercial services to provide customers with tips on marketing, business management, legal advice, sample contracts and other intimate services. I believe that through our professional services value to your business will bring a breakthrough in the development, we also will continue to accumulate for the development of information should be millions of customers and millions of users and work. I wish you the business platform provided by our brilliant achievements made! China Oilfield Chemical Network Business Center Contact Person: Miss Zou, Mr Meng Tel :0546 -7782891 Fax :0546-7782891 E-MAIL: [email protected]
answer Andrew Brown  Answered at 2011.08.18 08:33:56
This is true? Great, thank you ah
  • Answer This Question:Oil from China Chemical Network (WWW.COC888.COM) best wishes. 

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