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Qinghai Cordyceps build China's largest trading market

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jane b 
Asked at 2011.08.18 08:33:46
A set of transactions, testing, grading Cordyceps as one of the major distribution center is stepping up its construction in Xining city in Qinghai Province. It is understood, will be completed in May this year, opened the first in this market is currently the largest trading market Cordyceps. Cordyceps sinensis, also known as Cordyceps, Cordyceps is a rare traditional Chinese herbal tonic with natural ginseng, deer horn and tied to three major tonic. It is the ergot fungus Cordyceps Section Division moth larvae parasitic insect larvae and the larvae of the child seat on the body of the complex. Cordyceps grows in the high altitude primary forest meadow or lawn. According to statistics, China's Production of Cordyceps sinensis has risen to 200 tons per year, of which 70% came from Qinghai. Currently, the Qinghai Cordyceps trading mainly in relying Xining Railway Station, Xining unique regional advantages to the bus station east of Xining District hard Lane, the area has become the province and Northwest Cordyceps, and valuable native distribution center. It is understood that the set is under construction, shops, trading floor, business hotels, processing services and tourism as one of the Qinghai Cordyceps international trading center, located in Xining City, east zone, is the first set of Cordyceps transactions, Cordyceps testing, grading in Cordyceps Cordyceps one distribution center. The total investment of 2.8 billion, construction area of over 70,000 square meters, can accommodate 2000 after the completion of the fixed retail business operators. Currently, the center building under renovation and expected to open in May of this year. With the western development and the opening of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Qinghai tourism industry booming, the caterpillar on behalf of the tourism brand products, is to enhance awareness of the magic of Qinghai. The construction quality, large scale modern Cordyceps trading center, the protection and rational exploitation of scientific resources in Qinghai Cordyceps, build and promote the province's native place luxury brand, driving characteristics of the economic development of great significance. (
answer Aaron Barton  Answered at 2011.08.18 08:33:46
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