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the week rubber market review!

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.08.18 08:33:25
Domestic synthetic rubber market remained stable this week unit: yuan / ton in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in southern China Product Shandong northeast Beijing and Tianjin, rosin SBR 15800-16600 15700--15800 15800--15900 15650-15700 15800-15900 temporary oil-filled SBR --- No 13800 13600-13700 13450 -13500 17500-18000 17400-17700 17300-17700 butadiene rubber 17400-17500 17600-17600 week, the domestic market trend butadiene rubber market showed a steady fall, the high prices around the market after another slightly loose, slow growing transaction, the transaction will continue to become pessimistic atmosphere. SBR is mainly affected by a continuous decline in prices and downstream BR negative impact of weak demand trends, butadiene rubber market continued steady weak, shipping industry slowdown; market prices fell slightly, with an average decrease of 100 yuan / ton ; but the overall market is still high on steady, the industry view on the outlook BR increasingly cautious panic. Meanwhile, prices of raw materials butadiene weak, prices are relatively low and continue to fall, as the market further into the butadiene rubber bad. The butadiene rubber plant of Yanshan Petrochemical will be repaired, the plant remained zero inventory, which will support the butadiene rubber prices continued to stabilize, but the rapid decline that traders operating SBR lack of confidence. East China: East China butadiene rubber market conditions continued steady overall, but the SBR and natural rubber prices weak market instability Oscillating makes butadiene rubber prices steady weak, increasing risks decline, the market price stability was down, decrease of 100 yuan / ton; East industry tends pessimistic mood, some traders have begun to consider accelerating the empty cargo hold inventory in order to reduce risk. The mainstream market prices remained stable in 17400-17700 yuan / ton, closing slowdown. South China: South China butadiene rubber stable and slightly loose market conditions, trading atmosphere tends to be pessimistic. The normal supply of goods market as a whole, the downstream demand is still very active, closing general; related species of SBR rubber and natural rubber prices down market weakness continued negative impact of volatile oscillations also restricted to high southern China SBR prices steady; Week Fifth, the mainstream market prices are still 17500-18000 yuan / ton, down late last week 100/200 yuan / ton. North China: North China butadiene rubber market conditions a steady fall, down by continued weakness in SBR's bearish market, the market traders have some cheap Paohuo panic heart. The downstream BR tepid demand, turnover is difficult to enlarge the overall market supply is relatively abundant; North China trade sentiment continued to fall in some markets, the market prices were slightly lower, with declines in the 100-200 yuan / ton. Friday, the market price of the whole is almost flat in the mainstream 17300-17700 yuan / ton, down late last week 300/100 yuan / ton. Northeast Region: Northeast Region butadiene rubber market conditions remained stable trend, the general situation in market transactions, market Jinzhou, Daqing supply mainstream prices at 17,600 yuan / ton; the recent trend in natural rubber prices weak for the oscillation and butadiene styrene-butadiene rubber market into the negative, the transaction tends to dull the atmosphere, poor downstream demand. Trend Forecast: Taking these various factors, types of natural rubber by the rubber market trends related to volatile market bottom SBR stabilization of downstream slowdown in demand and other factors, if the industry is expected to offer steady butadiene rubber manufacturers and external no significant changes in the environment, the domestic butadiene rubber market next week will not be much change, will continue to stabilize the main. Predict the daily quotations, please pay close attention: China Resource Exchange Network!
answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.08.18 08:33:25
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