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Laptop wireless Internet access solution

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bozi zhang 
Asked at 2011.06.10 00:43:52

answer Wendy Zhu  Answered at 2011.06.10 00:43:52
That there are many ah! Are not some one upstairs upstairs upstairs and said CDMA 1X mobile wireless Internet is now the fastest! But concrete is not clear how many pbs high prices is not clear a specific Different regions 1 2 GPRS and poor more than the principle, but said that now meet 40Kpbs do not want it to say that if more than two kinds of SIM cards are available through phone handset connected to the computer realization of course, can also be used to support CDMA cat cat card for card or GPRS on the two are no geographical restrictions on where no matter what the place as long as phones can play with 3 PHS dynamic through a civet cat named Little West and the computer connection now seems to be geographic reach 56Kpbs limit for PHS PHS only city in your use of the signal we all know this is not good 4 WIFI, it can be considered to be not the thing you is not called WLAN wireless local area network through the Internet (ADSL or something) then into the wireless access point (that is, the wireless AP or wireless road trip device) in the forwards for the 2.4G radio (802.11a excluded), of course the computer must also have received something that is wireless. Currently 802.11a 802.11b and 802.11 g 3 is the fastest standard 802.11g standard is 54Mpbs 108M now the limitations of this great line of products is now generally reached 300 m indoor and outdoor 100 meters for the home and small sized companies are using the last .5 future technology, but also quickly realized that China should use its own 3G TD-CDMA mode now this is the same as the previous two I've heard through the SIM card that can reach 2Mpbs I am not clear, however, would soon anyway because he needs the bandwidth for video calls to the five kinds I know some have written it! ~ Oh ~ ~ did not ask under what circumstances you want to use at home, if not leave too far away to have the economy with WIFI be fast but you need access to a wired network ISDN ADSL ah ah ah, what residential broadband or what received the AP set on a good road trip or a road trip to open AP books on the wireless card to connect in bed on the balcony even in the bathroom can enjoy high-speed WLAN, of course not more than 100 meters indoor and outdoor is not more than 300 meters
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