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Plastic granulator on the question to ask about you!

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:47:35
I recently wanted to proceed in plastic granulator, but a friend told me that it is best to buy a granulating machine to Zhejiang to buy over there, then there Zhejiang granulator manufacturers sell a lot better for what manufacturers it? Shiyou should pay attention to buy the machine what kind of problem? There is not now PET granulation, can only be made of scrap to sell it?
answer bozi zhang  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:47:35
First question to answer a friend PET granulator, PET recycling uses more for spinning, so no grain, just clean the line. As you said granulator, my experience is that the machine across the country are the same, not the same as the manufacturers do not have the conscience to do with the equipment. From the transportation, sale and other terms, it is best to buy near you for machinery manufacturers. I originally thought of the ancient town, Zhongshan Huaxing Machinery Factory to buy equipment, but the company's Manager Yuan understand my situation, take the initiative to persuade me to Chengdu in Sichuan or buy equipment, I'm so touched by this factory! First for the customer, rather than just staring at all the sales. What kind of equipment to buy, to see what kind of material you have to do. Best to bring your technical people to buy equipment, after all, their equipment is in operation, he was familiar with the device and communicate with the factory about the late maintenance of equipment is also more favorable. In general PET without granulation, but process requirements, transportation and other reasons, but also granulation. PET granulation formulation is very important, drying processes require a higher degree. Granulation equipment in general the quality standards for two main reasons: 1, formula. 2, dry. 3, purity. 4 temperature. 5, the screw design.
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